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1 cup of liquid caramel
1/2 cup gr of sugar
2 tbs vanilla extract
1 cup of cream
2 cups of milk
4 egg yolks


Place everything except the yolks un the cup and mix for a few seconds at max speed. Program 12 minutes, at speed 6, 100° C. Place in a covered container and chill in the fridge for 10 – 12 hours (all night for example).

Place butterfly. Place cold mix in the Thermomix cup with the yolks. Stir on speed 3 until it is all blended.

If you have an ice cream machine, place mix in the ice cream machine and once ice cream is done freeze in a covered  container.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, place directly in the freezer and if you can, take it out every hour or 45 min and stir it a little. Repeat this operation as many times as you like, this is just to make it creamier.
If you don’t have time or don’t feel like it, place it directly in the freezer and it will be ready, it will be as good, it will only be a little less creamy.

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