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Depending on what we need the bechamel for, we will use a larger or smaller amounts of grease, considering that the amount of grease must be equal or slightly more than flour. You can use grease of your choice: margarine, butter, oil (olive, canola, etc). Playing with different grease will get you different flavors. You must consider fat content of the engredient you wish to add, for example, in cheese croquetes, since its fat content is already high, we will place same amount of flour and grease in the bechamel recipe, we will not increase amount of grease. I usually add 4 cups of milk, in that case we need to divide flour and grease amount in half, for example, , today I will make a sauce for STEAMED AND GRATINATED BROCCOLI with 4 cups of milk, 1 ounce of milk and 1 ounce of flour. Place all ingredients in the cup and program 100°C, in speed 4, during 8 minutes. If it is done with 8 cups of milk, increase time to 12 minutes. Read More »