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Welcome to chocolate heaven! This cake is easy to prepare and soooo tasty! If you like, you can add also chopped nuts or almonds.



-6 eggs
-1 pinch of salt
-250 ml bitter cocoa or chocolate
-130 g butter (room temperature and cut into pieces)
-150 g sugar
-50 g flour (sifted)

Chocolate icing:

-100 g dark chocolate (small cut)
-30 ml of water
-50 g of sugar
-20 g butter




1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
2. Insert butterfly, put egg whites and salt into the mixing bowl, beat for 5 minutes /speed 3, put into a bowl and store in the fridge
3. Remove butterfly, put chocolate into the mixing bowl and (if you use cocoa step 3 is unnecessary) grind for 10 seconds /speed 7
4. Add butter and set for 2 minutes / 37 ° C /speed 2
5. Add sugar and egg yolks, mix for 30 seconds /speed 4
6. Add flour, mix for 20 seconds /speed 4
7. Mix gently with the egg whites, pour the mixture into a greased baking mold and bake for 25-30 minutes, cool and plunge

Chocolate icing:

8. Put chocolate into the mixing bowl, grind for 10 seconds /speed 7
9. Add water and sugar, set for 15 minutes / 100º C /speed 3
10. Add butter, mix for 30 seconds /speed 4
11. Distribute the chocolate icing on the cake and serve


By Maria Mas

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