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We´re almost celebrating New Year! This is my daughter´s favorite Spanish turron recipe.

I don´t care whether it’s Christmas or not, because my daughter asks me for it the whole year.

It´s a traditional Spanish Christmas treat

The truth is that I don´t know why we only see turron on the shelves during Xmas. This delicious Spanish sweet is omnipresent at the Xmas table of every single family.

For my taste this is the one I’ve tried and the one I like the most. My daughter loves it!!



  • 150 gr chocolate for desserts
  • 150 gr milk chocolate
  • 40 gr lard
  • 200gr toasted almonds (peeled)
  • If you have raw peeled almonds, roast them for 10 minutes in the oven at 180ºC or so, you can also use hazelnuts instead.



Place the chopped chocolates in the jug for 30 seconds in progressive 5 – 10, then clean.

Add butter and set for 5 minutes, speed 1, 37ºC, toss the almonds and set for a few seconds at speed 3, but little by little so they do not crush completely.

Add the mixture in the mold, if it is made of wood lined with vegetal paper, then take to the fridge until it´s hard and ready.



If you don´t have wooden boxes, you can use a pack of milk instead, cut it in half lengthwise, wash it well, and voilá it´s a turron mold!

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