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Christmas is coming! And we´ll have plenty of time to share with our kids.Christmas also smells like Chocolate! That´s why I´m sharing this fantastic Holiday Chocolate pops recipe. They are the perfect addition to a holiday party!

Christmas chocolate Pops

We will need

Milk chocolate and caramel balls or with Christmas sprinkles, you can use ice molds to  to make them in case you don’t have specific molds. Let your imagination run wild!



  • 200g of milk fondant chocolate
  • 50g of assorted candies

Christmas chocolate Pops



Step 1

Get your Thermomix bowl completely dry. Place the chopped chocolate, speed 5-7-9 (this only take a few seconds) until it´s finely chopped.

Step 2

Set for 3 minutes / 37° / speed 3, after finishing clean the remains of the walls and set one more minute to the same temperature and speed.

Step 3

Pour immediately into a sleeve and once the molds are prepared, cut a small hole and fill them, then sprinkle with your favorite candy. Cool on a wire rack, there´s no need to keep them in the fridge.

Step 4

Lay the sticks into the mold before the chocolate harden. When they’ve finished setting, pop them out of the mold and add a few decorative extras.

Christmas chocolate Pops



You can use white chocolate, or you can also dye them with food coloring. Use your imagination!

You can also put the candies in the bottom of the pan and cover them with chocolate (the sprinkles will be on top)

Keep the pops away from the heat. Keep them in the fridge or in a dry cold place.

The kids will love it!

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