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Who doesn´t like croquettes for an appetizer, or a snack?

I think that everyone love croquettes, especially ham croquettes!


  • 200g minced ham
  • 50g butter
  • 20g olive oil
  • 60g corn flour
  • 20 g of wheat flour
  • 600g whole milk
  • 1 chopped cooked egg
  • Salt and grated nutmeg
  • 2 eggs
  • 300g bread crumbs


Step 1

Add the ham mince in the Thermomix, set the 2′ varoma, speed 2, add the butter and the oil and set 2 ‘ /80°C / speed 2

Step 2

Add the flour and set 5″, Varoma at spoon speed and add the milk and set 10′ Varoma, speed 1.

Step 3

Rectify the salt and reprogram 20′ Varoma / speed 2

Add the chopped egg mixing with the spatula and pour the béchamel in a pastry bag, and let it cool in the fridge for one day.

Step 4

Shave into small cylinders with the sleeve and dip them into the eggs and bread crumbs. Cover the croquettes with a plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight when done.


I like making them smaller for snacks or as an entrée, people love it!

Croquettes are made of leftovers, use the ingredients you have, chicken, spinach, anything!

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