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Hollandaise Sauce


3 egg yolks
juice from 1/2 lemon
150 g of butter


Melt the butter in a small saucepan at low temperature,  do not let it boil and leave it cool down a bit.

Place the butterfly and pour the yolks and the juice in the glass, beat for 2 min, at 40 ° C, at speeds 3 and 1/2. Once it is spongy enough, put the beaker in the jar, place the machine at speeds 3 and 1/2 without temperature or time and gradually add a thin stream of butter, trying not to let the white serum that forms in the bottom to come out of the container. The making process is very similar to that of the mayonnaise, but with the ingredients of the Hollandaise. Finally add the salt.

In this way the Hollandaise does not cut, and can be stored overnight in the fridge, though it gets kind of hard, as butter takes consistency with cold, but leave it for a while at room temperature, it will soften somewhat.

Everyone knows that the less time it takes you to prepare this type of sauce, the better. Since it takes no time to make it, it is preferable to prepare it straight away.

This recipe is Arguiñano’s, I have adaptated it to the thermomix

It goes very well with fish, and vegetables.

Pour a tablespoon of Hollandaise sauce over a boneless fish fillet, and bake au gratin, for example.



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