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Mexican eggs

Mexican eggs

4 eggs
2 roasted red peppers
100 g crushed tomatoes
half onion
2 garlic cloves half green pepper
chili powder
30 gr olive oil
4 corn tortillas


– Put in the Thermomix the roasted red peppers. Grind for 10 seconds, speed 7. Reserve

– Then add onion, garlic, green pepper and oil. Grind for 4 seconds, speed 5 and clean the remains stuck to the wall with a spatula. Set for 5 minutes, temperature 100 º, speed 1.

– Add the tomatoes, salt and chili powder (to taste) and set for 10 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 1.

– Add the roasted and crushed peppers that we had reserved and mix for one minute, temperature 100, Speed 1.

– Meanwhile, fry in a pan with olive oil eggs.

To serve, first put the corn tortilla, then a layer of sauce and finally the fried egg. You can also put the egg on the tortilla and then cover with sauce.

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