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Thermomix TM31


  • 1000 grs. mineral water.
  • 300 grs. lime juice.
  • 160 40th grs. rum
  • 260 grs. sugar.
  • 290 grs atomized glucose.
  • 12 grs. sherbet stabilizer.
  • The zest of 4 limes
  • 15 grs. fresh mint.


Crush with the Thermomix (water with the mint leaves to break them (not too much), then put in a bowl and cover with a wrap and let marinate for 24 hours.

After this, pour in a saucepan.

Start to heat and add the glucose spray.

At 40º add sugar mixed with the neutral.

Bring to 85 º and maintain for a couple of minutes.

Off the heat, add the juice, lime zest and put in a water bath in order to take to 40º as soon as possible.

Allow to mature for another 24 hours.

Strain, mix well with rum and take to the refrigerator, put in the freezer and within two hours or three, it’s ready to drink¦ !!

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I am very happy to share my Thermomix recipes with our friends all over the world, we send you a warm hug from Spain.

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