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For the stir-fry:

  •  50 gr oil
  •  130 gr carrot
  •  130 gr onion
  •  180 gr mushrooms
  •  50 gr green pepper
  • 1 garlic clove
  •  Natural tomato

For the rest of the filling:

  •  500 gr minced beef
  •  salt
  •  Oregano

Other ingredients:

  •  2 eggplants
  •  Bechamel sauce
  •  Grated cheese for grilling


Cut the eggplants into slices, unpeeled, and put in the Varoma container.

Put in the Thermomix the stir-fry ingredients, except mushrooms, and set for 5 minutes, vel. 5.

Add mushrooms and set for 20 minutes, vel. 1, varoma temperature, and after 5 minutes, place the container on the Varoma.

Add the minced meat, salt and oregano, and continue another for 20 minutes, vel. 1, Varoma temperature.

Remove the Varoma and let the eggplant drain.

Proceed to assemble the moussaka, placing a layer of eggplant, then meat filling it, another layer of eggplant, other meat, and ending with an eggplant.

Cover the moussaka with bechamel and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Preheat oven to 200ºC, then grill.

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