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 Did you know, that you can prepare Surimi with your Thermomix??



-14 raw shrimp, peeled ( keep the heads)
-6 calameres rings
-4 crab sticks
1 can tuna in oil (drip)
-1 egg
-1 piece of butter (approx. 50-70 g)
-1 tablespoon Cornflour (cornstarch)
-50 ml cream
Salt according to taste
-1 tsp paprika powder
-4 EL olive oil




Shrimp concentrate:
-2 EL olive oil
-shrimp heads
-2 tablespoons whisky


-Feta cheese
-Cherry tomatoes
-Pineapple syrup




1. Put butter into the mixing bowl, set for 1 minute / 100 ° /speed 2

2. Add calamares, fry for 2 minutes / 100 ° /speed 2
3. Add the rest of the ingredients, puree for 1 minute /speed 5-10
4. Put mixture in a pastry bag and keep cool in the refrigerator
5. Mix peppers and oil, distribute with a brush on a plastic wrap, distribute the surimi mixture on the plastik wrap
6. Carefully and tightly roll up,  tie thends and put it into the Varoma
7. Put 1 liter water  into the mixing bowl, cook for 10 minutes /Varoma /speed 2
8. When the water boils attach the Varoma and cook for 20 minutes /Varoma /speed 2
9. Keep the surimi in the refrigator
Shrimp concentrate:
10. Put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and cook for  5 minutes / 100° /speed 1
11. Strain and keep the liquid


Salad dressing:
12. Put shrimp concentrate, oil, vinegar and salt into the mixing bowl, mix for 5 seconds /speed 3


13. Wash salad and vegetables, cut and put in a bowl or on a plate
14. Cut Surimi in slides and put on the salad, decorate with the pineapple slides, pour the sauce over all and serve
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