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This delicious veggie burgers you can serve with bread or as a main dish with French fries, fried potatoes or puree.




-150 g carrots
-150 g peas
-150 g green beans
-1 Egg
-2 TBSP corn starch
-Salt, pepper, cumin, Curry, oregano, thyme
-1 TBSP mustard
-3 Tablespoons bread crumbs
-1 L water




1. Put water in the mixing bowl, wash and cut the vegeables into cubes, place them into the cooking basket and cook for 25 minutes / Varoma/ speed 2
2. Tip the water our, put the vegetables into the mixing bowl, blend for 5 seconds /speed 4, put in a bowl and cool
3. Add egg and cornstarch and mix well (with your hands)
4. Add bread crumbs and spices and once again knead with your hands
5. Put oil in a frying pan,  from burgers of the dough and fry in the hot oil from both sides, then serve


Copyright: Manuel Sánchez Ramírez *.
(Las Palmas)


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