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York rolls with mashed potatoes

York rolls with mashed potatoes

An easy recipe, quick and easy, special for kids. Rich in calcium, because it has milk, cheese and sesame.


(For about 8 rolls)

400g peeled potato
200 ml milk
20 g butter
a pinch of thyme, white pepper and salt
180 gr goat cheese
8 slices of ham
Grated cheese for sprinkling
sesame seeds

To make the mashed potatoes, place the butterfly and put in the thermomix the peeled and chopped potatoes, butter, spices, salt and milk. Program for 30 min, speed 1, 90 º C. Add the goat cheese and set for 5 min, 90 ° C, speed 1. After this, mix again for 1 min at speed 3, , no temperature.

Let repose a bit and place the york slices on a tray, spread the mash potatoes and roll well.

Grease a baking pan a little and place the rolls of York with the opening facing down, put over the cheese, sprinkle with sesame seeds and gratin 5-10 min (the time depends on each oven) until cheese and sesame get a little.

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